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At ANNEXIS, Your Business is Our Business.

ANNEXIS Business Solutions: Let US be Your Bridge to Expansion. Our team members are a diverse group of seasoned experts who listen to you about all of your business goals. We are fully engaged, professional and committed to making your dreams reality.
Our experiences and backgrounds are well varied making us unique in approach and most of all, effective in a result driven world.
We are eager to build for you, create for you, and mentor you with all of your expansion goals to establish your business presence here in the United States. This presence gives U.S. consumers the needed confidence in your product and services increasing your sales and creating record profit.
We say this with confidence and we are proud to be your Bridge. ANNEXIS is here to help you and your business grow in this exciting U.S. market, and with anything else you dare imagine. ANNEXIS Business Solutions: Just ask US how, to learn more.


We Work For You

We work for you – By taking the complexity out your business expansion goals. We make growing easy.

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Effective Solutions

Effective Solutions – Our team is committed to delivering results. We take pride in your success, it's what we do!

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Benefits – You get all the benefits of earning in U.S. Dollars with zero compromise, no headaches & full control over your business direction & goals. Take charge with record profits now!

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Our Services

ANNEXIS Business Solutions: Let US be your bridge to expansion and increased market share, establishing companies here in the United States.

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Our Team

  • Tel. 866.499.0530 Ext. 112
  • Email: jacques@annexis.net

A multi-faceted entrepreneur with superior work ethic and tenacity who brings proven metrics, adaptability and sensible logic to your business table. Battle tested & committed to excellence boasting a wealth of development knowledge and confidence that exudes growth and profitability for Our Clients, Our Partners, Our Team and ANNEXIS.

Jacques Dieuvil

Director of Business Development
  • Tel: 866.499.0530 Ext. 113
  • Email: roscillo@annexis.net

Always creative in approach, diverse in experience, effective in results. Equipped with an arsenal of professional tools to well establish and groom your business model for success. I utilize a collaboration of innovative exchange to add unique organic layers, of flavorful appeal to your business presence, sales & marketing strategies.

Joseph Roscillo

Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Tel. 866.499.0530 Ext. 115

Behind every corporation, every business development plan or marketing strategy there is a dedicated team to implement and support your technical operations. I am committed to providing the best technical feedback while creating effective solutions causing your dreams to become a vivid reality through functionality & online presence.

Jean Dieuvil

Director of Technical Service

How can we help?

We're glad you asked! In this ever changing fast-paced world we have learned that success is directly affected by the decisions we make regularly. The Latin word for decision literally means "to cut off" (from any other possibility). So, once you decide to expand and grow your business in the United States, ANNEXIS is here to help. We eliminate roadblocks and difficulties, we provide the necessary direction and follow through needed to support your decisions and ensure your successes. Our Expansion Experts actively listen to your business model & goals, provide feedback and guide you through your Expansion process into the U.S. Market. ANNEXIS has several packages and services from which to choose. These services include all of your business expansion tools and necessities such as physical locations, U.S. postal services, local / toll-free numbers, voiceover and messaging support, business and marketing consulting, CPA, accounting & taxation, legal support, State side office use, Order Fulfillment needs, establishing credit in the U.S. and more. ANNEXIS: We manifest success through consistent professional services and renderings.


How Can We Help ?

Just Ask

You will be glad you did. Your decisions for U.S. Expansion starts with ANNEXIS.

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Package Pricing

Packages are specifically designed for all business sizes and budgets.

U.S. Business Registration

$879 Down

  • Business Filing
  • Tax ID / Licenses
  • U.S. Address / Phone
  • Dashboard / Database / Directory
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Basic Package


  • U.S. Business Address
  • U.S. Telephone Number / Messaging
  • Mail Handling
  • Dashboard / Database / Directory
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Standard Package


  • Includes Basic Package +
  • Website Consulting
  • U.S. Web Hosting
  • Database Access – 6,000 Downloads
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Silver Package


  • Includes Standard Package +
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Database Access – 15,000 Downloads
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Gold Package


  • Includes Silver Package +
  • Ongoing SEO & Digital Marketing
  • 10 Hours Work Office Time Over 300 Locations
  • Database Access – 50,000 Downloads
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Platinum Package


  • Includes Gold Package + Analytic / SEO / Digital Marketing
  • 25 Hours Work Office Time Over 300 Locations
  • Warehouse / Order Fulfilment
  • Database Access – 100,000 Downloads
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Why Choose Us

Not only are we your Bridge to Expansion, business growth and record sales…
ANNEXIS delivers a seamless transition by taking all the complexity out of your hands while establishing your business in the United States. You've made another great decision; we will make the rest a reality. So enjoy the benefits of our savvy Expansion Experts, our exceptional customer care, low fees and the new market that your U.S. Company deserves.

Welcome to the beginning of a record profit year where "Your Business, is Our Business"